Facility management

property operation


Electromechanical construction

Vegas for oil and gas

•Maintaining fire alarm systems.

•Electric project including, electric panels, lighting network construction,...etc.

Hilton Dahab

•Supplying and installing automatic fire dampers for a/c ducts.

•Manufacturing, Supplying, and installing fire rated UL Doors

•Reapir and maintenance of kitchen equipment.

Flash Tour

•Design and project management for the adminstration Building (Sharm El Sheikh).

•Consultancy, design, and project management for the office building in 5th compund

6th of October University

•Maintaining water pumps, Fire alarm systems, and diesel generators

Aal Ali Group

•Design and project management for the residential compound (Marsah Matrouh).

Bio Pharm

•Maintaining steam boilers, syrup production line, and air compressors

Rexam can Egypt

•Complete facility management covering a/c systems, Electric facilities, Building, ....etc

•Maintaining production ovens and water boilers

•Operating and maintaining wast water plant

Rexam factory

•Several electromechanical supplies and projects

Hilton Luxor resort

• Managing the master plan of the hotel renovation

•Operating and maintaining the electromechanical facilities

United for industries

•Maintaining central a/c units and Compressing equipment

Movenpick Hurghada Resort

•Creating as built drawings for the whole hotel.

Nasr for intermediate chemicals

•Supplying, installing, and maintaining huge automatic doors

Taghleef industries (TI)

•Maintaining air conditioning systems

Air Liquid Company

•Maintaining fire alarm and fighting systems

Air forces

•Electromechanical projects and maintaining diesel generators

Broummana Restaurants

•Maintaining kitchen equipment, cooling rooms, and diesel generators


•Complete facility management

• Several building projects

Aroma and Futora

•Creating as built drawings and numbering scheme for the plants (Architect and electromechanical)


•Supplying and installing sound proof housing for diesel generators (IBM site) and electromechanical services.


•Manufacturing, supplying, and installing heat presses

Arts and Science City

•Maintaining fire fighting system and water pumps

El Sheikh Zaid Hospital

•Electromechanical Supplies and projects

Mars Egypt

•Maintaining the HVAC systems

Contenintal international for Hotels

•Engineering Consultancy

Aroma Labs

• Constructing HVAC system for production areas by DX units and hood systems

Movenpick Media City

•Maintaining fire fighting system

First Arabian Hotels & Resorts

•Architectural Work in First Mall


•Hard scapping and building work

Arkan Mall

•Supplying and installing dimmer systems in Le Gauramandes

Futura Labs

•Supplying and installing HVAC system for the plant labs.

First Mall

•Construction project of Bakery and Pastry kitchens

• Flooring project