Facility management

property operation


Electromechanical construction

Operation and Maintenance

We are specialists on operating and maintaining all the electromechanical equipment serving the facilities. Most of the spare parts needed are available on our stores.

We are executing all kinds of active and proactive (periodical) maintenance in a proper way using the professional paper work as follows:

We have a unique and personalized software for professional preventive maintenance program measuring the machine performance as well as the maintenance crew specifying the cost of maintenance against the initial installation cost and doing much more than this.

Our company has a crew of maintenance staff with all categories which can lead all the facility engineering activities in terms of operation, maintenance, and energy control. Technical Training is one of our missions for all concerned technicians and engineers trough out very valuable training materials on operating and maintaining all facility’s machines, equipment, and building.

We are operating the buildings throughout professional check lists and operating manuals.

Paper Work

Paper work is our tool to insure proper maintenance procedures and based on the following documentations:

  • Time schedules: All the system equipment and machines to be distributed among the year to assign when each kind of maintenance (monthly/quarterly/semi annual/annual) will be executed facilitating a very smooth operation schedule.
  • Task description: This is the paper work describing what activities should be done by our team work for each type of maintenance.
  • Machines history cards: This is a documentation covering all the activities done for the machine in terms of technical and financial cost to be a tool judging the performance and deciding the overhauls/replacement actions.

Energy Saving Conservation

We are certified energy managers from the American Association of energy engineers (AEE), we are executing all needed surveys, setting targets, and action plans.

Safety Advisors

Safety issues could not be neglected on the day to day operation as well as on the strategic plans; that is why all needed procedures and documents are applied from our side on place to insure that the property is in a safe working conditions.

Construction and contracting

We are electromechanical contractors covering all projects constructions In term Electrical work (Power, Control, and light current)     

  • A/C installations
  • Plumbing and sanitary
  • Fire fighting work
  • Swimming pools and water features