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Latest News

July 2013

POMEC has established it’s branch in Libya (Ogla-Benghazi) focusing on the petroleum sector.

July 2013

POMEC has successfully completed the ISO 9001 procedures and got the certificate of ISO 9001-2008 standard.

January 2013

POMEC is starting to execute small projects with Four Seasons hotel in Giza and looking forward a long term successful partnership.

Our rule

Yes is the answer what is your question?

Four ways making POMEC exceeding clients expectations.

  1. Beating the deadline
    • Getting work done ahead of time is our habit due to our customer is focused.
  2. Always we are asking proactive questions.
    • Asking such questions because we are treating our customers as partners.
  3. we are aware when to defer.
    • Difference and competitive edge is our rule.
  4. Giving feedback.
    • We are giving our clients feedback on every process for the purpose of improvement.


  • POMEC Risk Management
  • POMEC Safety precautions
  • POMEC Maintenance task tools
  • POMEC operation task tools
  • Our project management tools

Technical Services

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Technical Audits
  • Assets Evaluation
  • Consultancy
  • Hotels Operation & Maintenance
  • Facility & Buliding Technical Management
  • Saftey Audits
  • Energy Saving Plans
  • Softwares for Engineering Departments
  • Complete Technical Solutions for all above